About Dr. Sarte

Dr. Sarte is a caring physician that understands that medicine is an art and a science.

Dr. Sarte is a board certified podiatric surgeon and physician in private practice in Sacramento California specializing in foot and ankle injuries and disorders of the feet and ankles.

Our office is conveniently located at 2322 Butano Drive, Sacramento California.

Our phone number is 916-485-9373.

Care and Comfort

  • Many problems can cause foot pain.  Some of these that can be treated and have you feeling better right away are:  Thick painful nails, calluses and corns.  We love that we can have our patients, with these problems, leave our office without pain and walking on a cloud.

Surgical Correction

  • Sometimes surgery is needed to address foot pain.  Dr. Sarte does minor surgical correction of ingrown toenails and warts in our office.  More extensive surgical correction is done out-patient at either Mercy San Juan Surgery Center in Carmichael California, or Fort Sutter Surgery Center in downtown Sacramento California.


  • We have x-ray equipment here in our office, so you won’t have to leave and go somewhere else to have x-rays done.  Dr. Sarte will read the x-rays right away, and get you on your way to getting better as quickly as possible.

Fractures and Sprains

  • We know that you want to stay active, but injuries do occur.  When this happens, we have x-ray equipment to diagnose and treat these issues and Dr. Sarte will do his best to get you back to your active lifestyle quickly as he can.

Custom Orthotics

  • Dr. Sarte takes great pride in the orthotics that he creates for his patients.  There is many years of experience and training built into every set of orthotics.  Each one is customized to our patient’s needs.

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