Foot Problems We Treat

Podiatric Treatments We Provide

  • In Office Surgery
    • We do some minor surgical procedures in our office.  All other surgical procedures are performed in the surgery center setting. Surgical procedures that we perform in our office are correction of ingrown toenails (matrixectomy) and excision of warts.
  • Out-Patient Surgery
    • Dr. Sarte currently performs out-patient surgery at either Mercy San Juan Surgery Center, in Carmichael or Fort Sutter Surgery Center, in Downtown Sacramento.  Some of the out-patient surgeries that Dr. Sarte performs are Bunionectomy, Hammertoe Repair, Bone Spur Removal, Tendon Lengthening, and more.
  • Custom Orthotics
    • Dr. Sarte takes great pride in the orthotics that he produces for his patients.  His vast experience over the last 40+ years of podiatric practice has provided his patients with the highest quality custom orthotic that he can create.  He has worked with the laboratory to achieve an orthotic that will meet his high standards, and every orthotic is inspected by Dr. Sarte prior to dispensing to our patients.
  • X-ray
    • We have x-ray equipment here in our office, so there is no waiting around for your results.  You will not have to get a written referral, and then take it to the x-ray facility, and then bring the films back to our office at a later date for a continuation of your care.  It all happens here.
  • Office Services
    • Need Care and Comfort for your painful corns, calluses and/or thick painful nails? We can help.
    • If you need immobilization for a sprained ankle and/or foot, we can help.
    • If you need an injection for a painful joint or tendon, we can help.
    • If you need a taping to get your run back on track, we can help.
    • If you don’t know if we can help you, just give us a call.  916-485-9373.

Insurances Accepted

  • Government
    • We currently accept Medicare, and accept assignment from Medicare.  This means that we will bill Medicare for you, and we will adjust our fees down to the Medicare allowable amount.  Once your Medicare yearly deductible is satisfied, Medicare will then pay 80% of the Medicare allowed amount.  The balance is your copayment, and will then be billed either to you or a supplemental insurance, if you have provided that information to our office. We are currently not accepting any patients with Medi-Cal or Covered California.
  • Private/PPO
    • We are currently contracted with most Private/PPO insurance companies.  We will send billings to your insurance company for your services in our office.  As we are most likely contracted with your insurance company, we will then adjust our fees down to the allowable amount that your insurance company mandates.  We will request that you pay your copayment, if you have one, at the time of service in our office.  Any other amounts that the insurance company informs us that is to be your responsibility will be billed to you, or collected at your next visit with our office.
  • HMO
    • We are currently contracted with UC Davis Medical Group to provide services to their patients that have HMO insurance coverage.  HMO’s are insurances that require that all patients get a referral from their primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist.  This referral needs to be in place prior to coming to our office for care.  If we don’t have the referral prior to your visit, you may be asked to pay for your care in full or rescheduled for a later date.  If your primary care physician is a UC Davis Medical Group Doctor, please request a referral prior to calling to make an appointment with Dr. Sarte.